Why and How I Sell Solazyme Stock

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“Director Jerry Fiddler unloads 500 shares of …”. I see a headline like that every month or so, and many more like it referring to other directors and officer that I know. And, I get questions. Why did you (or whoever) “unload” the stock? Is there a problem? I assume that other insiders get the same question, and I often see it discussed on stock bulletin boards – “why is the CEO/CFO/whomever selling?”. So, I decided to answer the question for me, personally, and hope that the answer extrapolates to other insiders as well. No, there’s not a problem. In fact, if there was a problem that I knew about and you didn’t, I couldn’t sell the stock. (More on that later.)  I sell the stock for the simple reason that I need the money. I don’t have a job that pays me a salary. As an angel investor, I put money … Read More